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Meditation Information

meditation for deep relaxation

Mediation is NOT a religion but is a lifestyle choice. In fact, I believe, “Prayer is talking to GOD. Meditation is listening to GOD.” Stress is relative to you. People are not stressed by the same things. “It’s safe to let go. Relaxation requires letting go, while tension comes from holding on. Letting go can […]

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Energy Kinesiologist & Energy Kinesiology: What are they?

By Debbie Ulrich, CEnKP1, C.N.H.P, C.S.N. I have been asked many times over the years what is “Energy Kinesiology” and what is an “Energy Kinesiologist”? I have also experienced, on many occasions, this term being misused. Therefore, I want to explain what these terms mean and how one becomes an Energy Kinesiologist.  Energy Kinesiology is […]

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