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Presented by Debbie Ulrich, CEnKP1, C.N.H.P., C.S.N.

Frequency is the measurable rate of electrical energy flow that is constant between two points. Everything has frequency. Robert 0. Becker, M.D., the author of the book, The Body Electric validates that the human body has an electrical frequency and that much about a person’s health can be determined by it.

Royal Raymond Rife, M.D., developed a high-powered microscope in the 1920’s that could magnify an object almost 1,500 times. He could see vi-ruses, bacteria, parasites, toxins, etc. in the blood. From this work he developed a “frequency generator” which could generate various electrical frequencies to be passed through an affected or diseased part of the body [It has been known by medicine for over a hundred years that electrical currents passed through a wound or broken bone will greatly accelerate the healing process.]. Furthering his work, he validated certain frequencies could pre-vent the development of disease, and others would destroy disease!

Nikola Tesla said that if you could eliminate certain outside frequencies that interfered in our bodies, we would have greater resistance toward disease.

Bjorn Nordenstrom, a radiologist of Stockholm, Sweden, who wrote “Biologically Closed Circuits,” discovered in the early 1980s that by putting an electrode inside a tumor and running a milliamp D.C. current through the electrode, he could dis-solve the cancer tumor and stop its growth. He found that the human body had electropositive and electronegative energy fields.

Dr. Otto Warburg was a two-time Nobel Laureate and winner of the Nobel Prize for cancer research, for discovering that human cells have an electrical voltage.

Further, current data can be secured in a new book “Cancer: Cause Cure and Cover-up” researched by Ron Gdanski and available by calling 1-800-656-7606. He details enzyme function and magnetism, square wave vibrational frequency kills microbes, updates on energy testing for diagnosis of disease and more.

Beyond a doubt, certain frequencies can prevent the development of disease and other frequencies would destroy diseases. Substances of higher frequency will destroy diseases of lower frequency.[For a few examples visit: The Frequency of Health and The Assemblage Point].

Another worthy point is the influence that thoughts have on our frequency as well. Negative thoughts lowered the measured frequency by 12 MHz and positive thoughts raised the measured frequency by 10 MHz. It was also found that prayer and meditation increased the measured frequency levels by 15 MHz.

Frequencies of the Human Body in MHz

In 1992, Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology, an in-dependent division of Eastern State University in Cheny, Washington, built the first frequency monitor in the world. Tainio has determined that the average frequency of a healthy human body during the day time is 62 to 68 MHz. When the frequency drops, the immune system is compromised. If the frequency drops to 58 MHz, cold and flu symptoms appear; at 55 MHz, diseases like Candida take hold; at 52 MHz, Epstein Bar and at 42 MHz, Cancer. Tainio’s machine was certified as 100 percent accurate and is currently being used in the agricultural field today. Frequency information from Tainio Technologies:

  • Normal brain frequency (head) 6:00 am to 6:00 pm is 70-78 MHz
  • Brain frequency at 80-82 MHz, indicates a genius
  • Healthy body (neck down) 6:00 am to 6:00 pm is 62-68 MHz
  • Thyroid and Parathyroid glands are 62-68 MHz
  • Thymus Gland is 65-68 MHz
  • Heart is 67-70 MHz
  • Lungs are 58-65 MHz
  • Liver is 55-60 MHz
  • Pancreas is 60-80 MHz
  • Disease begins, colds invade at 59-60 MHz
  • Stomach is 58-65 MHz
  • Ascending Colon is 58-60 MHz
  • Descending Colon is 58-63 MHz
  • Flu like symptoms at 58 MHz
  • Viral Infection at 55 MHz
  • Epstein Barr at 52 MHz
  • Tissue breakdown from disease at 48 MHz
  • Cancer at 42 MHz
  • Death begins at 20 MHz

Human cells start to mutate when their frequency drops below 62 MHz. Low frequency also indicates a pH imbalance. Invading pathogenic frequencies (including biologicals such as anthrax, plagues, etc.) are low. Positive beneficial bacterial frequencies are higher.

  • Pollutants lower healthy “Frequency”
  • Processed or canned food has a frequency of zero
  • Fresh produce has up to 15 MHz
  • Dry herbs from 12-22 MHz
  • Fresh herbs from 20-27 MHz.
  • Frozen foods have a frequency of zero
  • Essential Oils are a source of higher frequencies to maintain our good health.

What Does Hertz Mean?

All atoms in the universe have vibrational motion. Each periodic motion has a “frequency”, (the number of oscillations per second), measured in Hertz:

  • 1 Hertz (Hz) = 1 oscillation per second (ops)
  • 1 Kilo Hertz (KHz) = 1,000 ops
  • 1 Mega Hertz (MHz) = 1,000,000 ops or 1 million
  • 1 Giga Hertz (GHz) = 1,000,000,000 ops or 1 billion
  • 1 Tetra Hertz (THz) = 1,000,000,000,000 ops or 1 trillion
  • Essential oils are also measured in Megahertz frequencies.
  • Essential oil frequencies start at 52 MHz and go as high as 320 MHz. Rose (Rosa damascena) essential oil has the highest of all the oils at 320 MHz.
  • Essential oils align frequencies, thus balancing and harmonizing body organs.
  • Mixing or blending essential oils amplifies these frequencies — This is called “synergy”.


A Natural Way To Increase The Body’s Electrical Frequency

The study of frequencies raises an important question, concerning the frequencies of substances we eat, breathe and absorb. Many pollutants lower healthy frequency. Processed or canned food has a frequency of zero. Fresh produce has up to 15 MHz; dry herbs from 12 to 22 MHz; and fresh herbs from 20 to 27 MHz. Processed, canned foods have no measurable frequency. It would seem we need a source of higher frequencies to maintain our good health. This research is still in its infancy and much research still needs to be conducted, but it is starting to point in a specific direction. The premise is if we keep the body frequency high enough and well oxygenated, we can live free of disease. Clinical re-search shows that essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance know to man, creating an environment in which disease, bacteria, virus, fungus, etc. cannot live. Essential oil frequencies are several times greater than frequencies of herbs, foods and even the human body.

Essential oils are some of the most concentrated ex-tracts of plants known, exerting significant physiological and psychological affects. Essential oils are called the “life-force” of plants. These volatile liquids are stored in special cells, ducts, or glandular hairs of the plant that are distributed among the roots, leaves, bark, stems and flowers.

Essential oils protect the plant from insects and other herbivores, bacteria, molds, fungi, and other micro-organisms. Essential oils have the ability to penetrate human and animal cell membranes, travel throughout the blood and tissues delivering oxygen and nutrients into the cells to stimulate the regeneration of tissue, stimulate nerves and enhance electrical frequencies-all of which make essential oils highly beneficial to humans.

A single oil contains anywhere from 80 to 200 chemical constituents that are molecularly aligned with precision to trigger a number of responses in the human body.

Research by Dr. Gary Young, a world renowned researcher in the field of essential oils, has shown that if the frequency of the right and left brain lobes varied more than 3 MHz, a headache would begin. If the frequency varied more than 10 MHz, a substantial or migraine-type headache would develop.

By combining an oil formula composed of Helichrysum, Chamomile, and Lavender and through simple inhalation, Dr. Young discovered the frequency of the head could be balanced and re-turned to normal within a few seconds.

Essential Oils are multifunctional so they have a wide spectrum of application. They work for the need that is present. If there is no need present in the body, there is minimal reaction. While oils are not accumulative in the body, their frequency and effect is cumulative. They are made of the same sub-stances the body is made of – they are non-toxic

Essential oils are absorbed and go to work within seconds in the body. Layering the oils in application, and the addition of heat produces faster penetration and results. Essential oils stay in a healthy body up to 8 hours.

Essential oils provide a positive frequency to the body and contain oxygenating molecules which transport nutrients into the cells.

Essential oils and oil blends with higher frequency ranges work in the emotional and spiritual regions.

Essential oils and oil blends that have a lower frequency have a more profound effect on making structural/physical changes.

Single oils may be added to a blend to increase effect.

Inhaling essential oils is particularly benefiting because the odor molecules travel up the nose where they are trapped by olfactory membranes. These nerve cells trigger electrical impulses to the olfactory bulb in the brain in 23 seconds. The olfactory bulb (the brain) then transmits the electrical impulses to other body centers. Essential oils have a profound physiological and psychological effect.

Frequencies of Essential Oils in MHz

The use of electrical energy to reverse or eliminate disease led to research and discovery of electrical frequencies of essential oils.

Bruce Tainio, owner and President of Tainio Technologies, developed a Calibrated Frequency Monitor that is used to study the bio-electrical frequencies of essential oils and their effect on human frequencies when the oils have been applied to the body. It is called a BT2 Frequency Counter.

In the following tables, some of the frequency findings from the research of Dr. Gary Young of Young Living Oils with Mr. Tainio’s frequency counter are listed:

Please keep in mind that frequencies of essential oils vary according to each batch, growing conditions, soil and weather conditions. Only frequencies are listed as documented from one or two sources: The Essential Oil Desk Reference, published by Essential Science Publishing 2001; and Reference Guide for Essential Oils, by Connie and Alan Higley, Revised edition 2001.

MHz. Frequencies of YLEO Essential Oil

Angelica 85
Juniper 98
Peppermint 78
Basil 52
Lavender 118
Ravensara 134
G. Chamomile 105
Melissa 102
Rose 320
Galbanum 56
Myrrh 105
Sandalwood 96
Helichrysum 181
Tansy, Idaho 105

MHz. Frequencies of YLEO Essential Oil Blends

Abundance 78   Joy 188
Acceptance 102   JuvaFlex 82
Aroma Life 84   Melrose 48
Aroma Siez 64   Mister 147
Awaken 89   Motivation 103
Christmas Spirit 104   M-Grain 72
Citrus Fresh 90   PanAway 112
Clarity 101   Peace&Calm 105
Di-Tone 102   Present Time 98
Dragon Time 72   Purification 46
Dream Catcher 98   Raven 70
EndoFlex 138   R.C. 75
En-R-Gee 106   Release 102
Forgiveness 192   Relieve It 56
Gathering 99   Sacred Mtn 176
Gentle Baby 152   Thieves 150
Harmony 101   3 Wise Men 72
Hope 98   Valor 47
Immupower 89   White Angelica 89
Inspiration 141    

and other materials from Young Living Essential Oils.

Knowing that Essential Oils offer the body a course correction, or re-set, you now have in your hands little bottles of electrical energy and healing light from above.

— Debbie Ulrich

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