Lyme Disease

LYME disease is a very complex illness. There are many pathogens which accompany Lyme disease making the diagnosis and treatment just as complex. Your health has probably been on a downward spiral for some time while your immune system has been trying to do its job, only to become too stressed to continue to win the ‘battle’. The end result is you have become more and more ill and more and more fatigued while not receiving answers, proper support, and/or proper therapy for this very mysterious and complex disease. All of these have dragged your immune system down.

The purpose of this article is to help educate you, your loved ones, your friends, and your neighbors to better understand this illness. More importantly, how to protect yourself from contracting this disease, the warning signs and symptoms of the disease, why I feel confidant I am capable of enabling someone who has Lyme disease to obtain and maintain a healthier, happier, productive lifestyle. The information in this article is based on many hours of research, conferences specific to treating Lyme disease and practical work on my many clients.

There is much controversy over Lyme disease, starting with what it is, proper diagnosis, and the proper way(s) to approach treatment for this illness. Lifestyle changes are a must to regain control and overcome the MANY infections and pathogens which accompany Lyme disease. It is imperative that your immune system is strengthened and it will be our goal to do this during the early phase of your healing process. Getting your health back will be a commitment of dedication, patience, and cooperation on your part. Your health needs to become a priority for YOU!!! You may find you are now ‘high maintenance’ but with your persistence and a life long commitment of keeping your immune system strong you AND your family will greatly benefit.

Lyme disease (Lyme Borreliosis) is an insidious and multi faceted illness. The initial cause of the Lyme disease is the result of coming in contact with Lyme Borrelia which is the technical name of the bacteria which causes Lyme disease. Borrelia is a spirochete bacterium. This bacterium has earned the name of spirochete because it looks like a spiral under the microscope. Contact can occur from a number of ways. The most well known is from the bite of a ‘deer’ tick. However, it is not well known that Lyme disease can potentially occur from a bite from ANY insect and/or animal, technically referred to as the ‘vector’.

One common misconception is that one must have a ‘bull’s eye rash’ to obtain Lyme disease when actually the ‘bull’s eye rash’ only occurs in a small percentage of the population. Insects, in general, carry MANY diseases. Once bitten by an insect these diseases are transferred to the host (aka you). The most common immediate reaction is a raised bump which itches. This reaction is from the body’s immediate immune response in an effort to attack and hopefully kill the foreign entities which have invaded it. The high number of other diseases which are also carried and transferred to the host thru this bite may become too much for the immune system to handle, especially if the individual’s immune system is already compromised.

It can also be spread from saliva contact which opens up many other possibilities, from human to human, and pet (or any animal) to human. Borreliosis has been found in bodily fluids such as saliva, vaginal mucous, and sperm making it possible to be transferred during sexual activity as well. I am not writing this to cause pandemonium but to educate the reader of the seriousness which needs to be taken regarding Lyme disease. This information is considered very controversial, however, it has also been documented by researchers who have dedicated their research to the cause of Lyme disease in an effort to eliminate it. I have also found myself in the middle of this controversial subject as my alternative health practice has become predominantly Lyme disease clientele. I have successfully enabled them to return to a heather and productive lifestyle.

Once the Borrelia has entered the body it travels much quicker than the bodies immune system can respond, enabling it to move quickly to areas out of reach from the immune system. The spirochete then makes its way into the lining of the organs and glands, as well as bone and muscle mass, and brain tissue. Their speed is the technique used to survive inside the host, multiply inside the host and ultimately cause the host to be come very ill. Burrowing themselves into the walls of organs and glands causes these same organs and glands to stop functioning efficiently. Since many organs and glands are also responsible for the body’s necessary vitamins and minerals a cascade affect occurs within the body ultimately causing the body’s systems to ‘fail’. This chain reaction causes the individual to become more ill as their immune system tries harder and harder to do its job only to become more weak, compromised, stressed and diseased. This decline may happen very quickly or over the course of many years. It varies from individual to individual.

Once Lyme Borreliosis enters the brain many symptoms occur ranging from, but not limited to, disturbed sleep, brain fatigue, tremors, facial palsy (facial paralysis), sensitivity to light and/or sound, headaches and/or migraines, mood changes, depression, anger, fear and anxiety. Also, another common development is a term I created: ‘brain fog’ which I use to describe a number of neurological symptoms ranging from inability to recall remember, memorize, and/or retrieve information. This is also accompanied by foggy, unclear thinking which can cause an individual to not be able to respond rationally to situations and/or make simple decisions. Stress plays an important role in how effectively the body can fight off any illness, especially Lyme disease because it is an auto immune suppressing illness. All of these factors must be considered when a possibility of Lyme disease is present.

Not only does the spirochete burrow it way into the organs and glands, as I mentioned earlier it also burrows its way into bone mass, muscle mass and brain tissue. This enables the Lyme spirochete to bypass the body’s immune system making it very difficult for the body to rid itself of the Borrelia. This is how the Lyme disease begins to manifest itself in the ‘host’ and multiply. The Borrelia has a life cycle of sorts in which they become active and inactive as they take up residency in their host. When they are active the can cause a number of health symptoms ranging from “not feeling quite like yourself” to “flu-like symptoms”, to being “very ill”.

Symptoms vary from person to person making the diagnosis difficult for many practitioners. I have spent many hours researching the many infections, referred to as “co-infections”, which commonly accompany Lyme disease. Armed with this knowledge I treat the body as a whole and address the Lyme disease AND the co-infections. This approach enables the individual to expect, achieve, and maintain a healthier, happier, productive lifestyle. I use a combination of my experience, knowledge, expertise, nutritional changes, and supplemental use of homeopathic and herbal remedies. This combined with Energy kinesiology specific to the individual’s needs and the use of an energy frequency machine (RIFE) bring the individual back to a state of homeostasis (balance). I have found the RIFE machine (named after the inventor Raymond Royal Rife) to be very effective in enabling individuals to over come Lyme disease. The machine complements the other treatments I give my clients in combination with the nutritional products.

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