Energy Kinesiologist & Energy Kinesiology: What are they?

By Debbie Ulrich, CEnKP1, C.N.H.P, C.S.N.

I have been asked many times over the years what is “Energy Kinesiology” and what is an “Energy Kinesiologist”? I have also experienced, on many occasions, this term being misused. Therefore, I want to explain what these terms mean and how one becomes an Energy Kinesiologist.  Energy Kinesiology is a healing modality. Secondly, there actually is a certification process to become a Certified Energy Kinesiologist.  I earned this title through a certification organization known as the “Energy Kinesiology Association,” or “EnKA,” by completing their required 250 classroom hours of anatomy, nutrition, and certified energy courses of specific energy work. The pre-certified energy work is known primarily by the following modality names: Kinergetics, Applied Physiology (AP), and Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program (LEAP).  In addition to EnKA’s requirements, I have taken over 1000 additional elective classroom hours of training earning the titles of Certified Natural Health Professionals (C.N.H.P.), and Fitness Trainer. To address the many misunderstandings associated with this title, I want to explain what I do as certified Energy Kinesiology. Literally, Kinesiology means the study of “movement”.  An Energy Kinesiologist moves energy in the physical and energetic body. In the field of Energy Kinesiology I am trained to look for the “imbalances,” both in the physical body and in the three energy fields – auras, chakras and meridians. I want to clarify to anyone new to energy work that Energy Kinesiology is NOT a religion, nor religious based, or a cult. I have engaged in many conversations over the years about the religious aspect of this work. It is no more based on a religion than nursing, accounting, or any other occupation. I also want to add I was ‘called’ to do this work by my higher source/power who I prefer to refer to as GOD. In the paragraphs below I discuss, in detail, what the three energy fields are and what “imbalances” are.  As an Energy Kinesiologist I am also trained how to correct the imbalances in the physical and energetic body by locating and identifying where the imbalance is located and the initial cause of the imbalance, whether the initial cause is emotional, physical, mental and/or spiritual.   I then correct the energetic imbalance which allows the physical body to restore itself and return to homeostasis, a state of internal balance and physical wellbeing. 

As an Energy Kinesiologist I am trained to work with the person’s physical body AND the THREE energy fields which are: Aura, Chakras and Meridians. As an Energy Kinesiologist I, legally, cannot diagnose, treat or prescribe, therefore I use different language which you will read below. Some examples are: imbalance(s), energetic, energy flow, homeostasis, stress, weak… It is believed that an imbalance in the physical body begins with an imbalance in one or more of the energy fields. So, to reverse the imbalance in the physical body the energy field(s) must be identified then corrected.

The aura is a blanket of energy which surrounds the body. It is designed to move out and in to protect us in times and circumstances which may be stressful, dangerous and/or traumatic. The aura can become “detached”, “split-off” and/or “separated” from the physical body which indicates an ‘imbalance’. When this “imbalance” occurs, it must be “reset” by someone trained in doing so. The aura will NOT independently reset itself once it has become “imbalanced”. I have found that an imbalanced aura commonly presents itself as physical pain which cannot be found and identified by modern medical technology such as X-rays, MRI’s, CAT, PET scans, etc…

Chakras are energy centers or vortexes which run up and down the front and back, AND above and below the physical body. Each chakra is given its own name and serves a specific purpose. Although it is thought that there are as many as 114 chakras, many practitioners typically work with the seven major chakras’. These seven major chakras are associated with specific organs and glands in the physical body. I am NOT trained in the other 107 chakras so I will not elaborate on them. Balanced chakras move in different directions. They oscillate, like the old fashioned washing machines, and can become stuck or unbalanced. They also move ‘out and in’ and can become stuck or imbalanced in one of these positions. When any of these imbalances occur, it must be ‘reset’ by someone trained in doing so. The chakras will NOT reset themselves. An imbalanced chakra will eventually become an “imbalance” in the physical body, resulting in pain, illness and/or disease.

Meridians are energetic pathways which run through the physical body. There are 14 meridians. Each meridian represents a different organ or gland and is typically named after it; for example, the heart meridian, gallbladder meridian, large intestine meridian etc. The ‘meridian’ usually does not run through the organ or gland it represents. I think of them as energetic highways which lead to the organ or gland. When an imbalance occurs in the meridian(s) it needs to be “reset” by someone trained in doing so. The meridians will NOT reset themselves. An imbalance in a meridian will eventually become an “imbalance” in the physical body, resulting in pain, illness and/or disease.

So, let’s look at these energy systems on a deeper level. When any of these energy systems become imbalanced it reduces the body’s ‘chi’. The word Chi or Qi (both are pronounced ‘Chee’) which in Western translation means Life Force or Energy. The Chi, which is different than the physical energy, later became the basis for the Chinese acupuncture system. Bodies have only a specific amount of energy, so an “over energy” in one place by definition means that there has to be an “under energy” in another. Once unblocked, the excess energy would naturally flow to where it was deficient. When energy is balanced, theoretically health is restored. When energy is balanced and flowing without blocks, the body is able to heal itself. This enables a kinesiologist to treat an energy imbalance while it is still only a disturbance in the energy field rather than waiting until it has progressed into a physical symptom that is far more difficult to reverse. Since the Chinese look at the body as a whole, they do not name diseases; instead they are interested in patterns that make up the whole and from these patterns they are able to diagnose imbalances. Chinese Medicine is no less logical than the western system, just less analytical. My training and philosophy are based on this Chinese model.

Energy Kinesiology is the movement of energy. It is a healing technique which combines Western medicine with Eastern knowledge, a technique that is not well known. It is both a science and an art. It has its method, rules, principles and logical techniques; however, it also involves direct interaction between myself, as a kinesiologist, and the client. Kinesiology conventionally means the study of motion, or more precisely, the study of how muscles act and coordinate to move the body. However, in the natural health field, the term kinesiology is seen and used in a different way. Muscles become monitors of stress and imbalances in the body.

‘Muscle Testing’, the key technique in Kinesiology, is used as a tool for detecting and correcting various imbalances in the body. ‘Muscle testing’ dates back to the early 1900’s. It was developed by a Boston orthopedic surgeon, R.W. Lovett. He used muscle testing to analyze disabilities resulting from nerve damage. Muscle testing was also used by Dr. Lovett to trace spinal nerve damage because muscles that tested weak often had a common spinal nerve. He published these findings in 1932. Henry & Florence Kendall continued the work by working on patients recovering from polio. They also published a book in 1949 on their findings. In 1964 an American Chiropractor, George Goodheart, found another use for muscle testing. He found that there were connections between muscles, organs, and the Chinese meridian system. Dr. Goodheart began to use muscle testing to evaluate muscle function, posture, and general body imbalances. This work became the foundation for the many healing techniques which are used by Energy Kinesiologists today. Several other western well-educated individuals have used Dr. Goodheart’s work to develop other techniques used today. Although, Energy Kinesiology originally used the science of manual muscle testing combined with the Chinese Acupuncture Meridian System to balance the body’s energy flow to other energy fields, the chakras and auras have been added to the many techniques used today. These energy fields are also balanced to maintain homeostasis (the ability of the body to maintain equilibrium or balance).

In muscle testing we are not testing the strength of the muscle but the strength of the response to the testing. When the body is stressed (diseased), the muscle associated with that organ or disease may become imbalanced and weak. The muscle testing response is used as a form of biofeedback which enables me, the kinesiologist, to determine imbalances in the body’s energy systems and what corrections are necessary to correct them and where. This technique also allows for the detection of imbalances which are both general and cellular. For example, the lung may be imbalanced by a slight energetic blockage or it could be a deeper energetic issue in a specific part of the lung on a cellular level such as the alveoli or mitochondria of the lung. This distinction is important and necessary to create homeostasis in the lung. This distinction also allows for deep cellular work with individuals experiencing chronic health issues, indicating ‘chronic energetic imbalances.’ As the kinesiologist, I can also access subconscious belief systems, attitudes, and feelings allowing a deep healing to occur. Sometimes emotional and physical health issues can be traced back to generational imbalances which have been passed down subconsciously, and/or genetically, from generation to generation. This creates what is called a generational imbalance. In the case of generational imbalances, it is important to locate the source and origin of the imbalance, and then correct from the origin to the present, thereby restoring homeostasis in the present. Any and all of these imbalances need to be corrected to allow homeostasis to occur. This healing process will enable the client to face and address issues, something they were unable able to do prior to the “balance”, thus eliminating unnecessary “emotional baggage” and to allow for energetic homeostasis in the physical body.

As an Energy Kinesiologist, I can help correct the energetic imbalances associated with physical, emotional, psychological, and chronic health issues. I have found the most exciting use of Energy Kinesiology to be working with people who are suffering with brain integration issues (learning challenges), mental health issues and/or emotional issues, depression, anxiety, immune suppressed issues such as cancer, fibromyalgia, parasitic infections, chronic health issues such as Lyme disease, Epstein Barr virus, diabetes, chemical, food or toxin sensitivities, and pain – both physical and emotional, just to name a few imbalances.

I look forward to helping you with your unique health issues.

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