What is Energy Balancing?

Sometimes the body can become imbalanced energetically and/or nutritionally as a result of physical, emotional or environmental stresses that diminish its natural healing ability. Energy balancing makes it possible to restore health and create homeostasis (balance), both energetically and nutritionally, by treating the cause of the imbalance versus treating the symptom (as is often the case with traditional medicine).

What is Energy Kinesiology and How Can it Help Me?

Energy Kinesiology is a non-invasive method of bringing balance to the body by identifying, locating and correcting the causes of stress. It assists in changing your thought patterns and creating new levels of awareness, health, and personal growth. I look at the emotional aspect of what might be driving an illness, disease, pain or allergy (whether it be food, medications, or environment). To correct the emotional aspect, I work with one or more of your body’s energy systems by using observation, light touch, joint manipulation and muscle resistance. My work is based on practices that are thousands of years old that heal the mind, physical body and spirit. Imbalances are cleared at a deep level to bring about lasting change to your energetic and physical being.

I also combine Essential Oils with this work to help elevate emotions, and Flower Essences to reverse negative thinking and convert self-sabotaging beliefs into positive thinking and beliefs. This technique can reach deep-rooted negative emotions which are causing a person to “be stuck” in an unbalanced or diseased state. There is an expression in the alternative health community that, “a person will always hold onto the disease or illness until it no longer serves them any purpose.” I help facilitate the client to “let go” so they can begin to move forward with their life.

How Can Nutritional Counseling Help Me?

Poor nutritional choices and poor quality foods grown in deficient soil can lead to imbalances in the body by shutting off its natural healing ability. As an alternative health practitioner, I can nutritionally help your body heal from illness, disease, pain, and poor dietary choices. This is achieved by using plant, herbal and/or food based vitamins, supplements, and essential oils. Sometimes nutritional deficiencies can also contribute to issues such as: inability to focus, academic problems, attention, memory and more. This in turn can cause self-esteem and/or academic problems. I create a customized treatment plan for each client to “turn all of these systems back on” by adding the deficient vitamins, minerals, hormones and/or enzymes into their diet.

What Are Your Certifications?

  • Certified Energy Kinesiologist, CEnKP1
  • Certified Natural Health Professional, CNHP
  • Certified Sports Nutritionist, CSN
  • Certified Fitness Instructor, CFT.

What is Your Energy Kinesiology Training?

  • Allergy Antidotes: identifying and healing the psychoenergetic effects of energy toxins.
  • Applied Physiology 1-4: meridian and organ/gland relationship combined with sound healing tuning fork therapy, neurolymphatics, neurovasculars acupuncture, reflexology and chakras.
  • Brain Gym 1-2: intentional movements for optimal living and learning.
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique): healing the emotional roots of disease through acupressure.
  • Energy Medicine: heal the body by activating or restoring its natural healing energies.
  • Kinergetics 1-5: aligning body, mind and emotions for health and happiness using muscle testing to find the root causes of an individual’s ill health.
  • LEAP (Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program) 1-4: brain integration to help facilitate learning.
  • RESET (Rafferty Energy System of Easing the TMJ) 1&2: energetic balancing of the TMJ for structural and muscular alignment and detoxification.
  • BN&T (Balancing Nutrition & Toxicity): correction of energetic balances caused by toxicity, dehydration, dental brace, trauma, flight/flight.
  • Touch for Health 1: meridian, gland, and organ relationship combined with neurolymphatic and neurovascular correction.

What is Your Nutritional Training?

Body Systems, Body Work, “Face, Tongue, & Nail Analysis,” Iridology, Nutrition, Practicum, Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA), Children’s Nutrition & Vaccinations, Natures 9.1.1, Hormone Health with Nutrition, Iridology, and Building Block for Better Health.

What is Your Fitness Training?

Cycling, Group Aerobics, Kickboxing, Pilates, Senior Adult Fitness, Sports Nutrition, Tai Chi, & Water Aerobics.

Do You Have Other Qualifications?

  • Dynamic Balancing 1-2: craniosacral therapy and myofascial unwinding.
  • Reflexology: numerous areas of the feet are in relationship and connection to the body and its organs.
  • Bach Flower Remedies raise our vibrations and open our channels for reception to enable healing emotionally and physically.

What Can You Teach?

  • RESET 1 & 2: two levels of workshops designed to teach the energetic balancing of the TMJ for structural & muscular alignment and detoxification.
  • The Art and Science of Effective Muscle Response Testing: a thorough workshop designed to teach the many styles of muscle testing and build confidence in the individual so they can use this skill effectively and proficiently.
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