When I met Debbie about 6 years ago I was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. Through working with her we found I had mercury poisoning throughout my body. With Debbie’s patience and guidance and the removal of my amalgams by my dentist, I have been free of this suffering. I credit Debbie with saving my life because the doctors kept putting me on medicine that was making me worse. With Debbie’s energy work and the nutrients she suggested, my health has been restored.

Shirley B., Linthicum, MD
September 2013


Ms. Debbie gives me good service. I feel better after I see Ms. Debbie. I like to sleep for a minute on her table. It is very easy to fall asleep there. Going to see Ms. Debbie is very good.

Anonymous, 4-year old boy
October 2010


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Debbie helped me get though a difficult time of breast cancer. After being diagnosed with breast cancer and having surgery, Debbie verified which alternative healing methods would be best for me instead of having more surgery. My first mammogram result since surgery came back “clean” (normal).

October 2010


I have been a client since 2007. I appreciate Debbie’s work in that she asks my body what I need and then suggests supplements, etc. to help the cause of my discomfort. I often bring things from home (supplements, vitamins, lotions, oils, etc) to see if what I have bought is good for my body. Debbie uses many different techniques to help heal her clients.

Anonymous, Hyattsville, MD
July 2010


The first time I saw Ms. Debbie I could tell her about my problems and she really listened and made me feel safe.

Cameron B., age 11


Thanks, Debbie, for all the holistic help through the years. You’ve always tailored your remedies to my needs. You always seem to pull out exactly what I needed from your “Little Black Bag” (like real doctors had a long time ago!) You’re my Country Doctor……so caring and such a Healer.

Andrea M.


When I first met Debbie I had a pain in my knee that was just a ‘constant’ and after Debbie did energy medicine the pain vanished for the first time after trying so many other treatments.

Andrea M.


I am 32 years old and have been receiving treatments from Debbie for over 5 years. My 2 yr. old daughter has received treatments in utero and since she has been born. I initially went to Debbie for chronic tonsillitis, IBS and chronic fatigue. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired! I was finding no results with traditional medicine and when presented with my last options of surgery, decided to explore alternative medicine. Debbie addressed and successfully treated my health issues, plus discovered more issues that were contributing to my poor health that had not been previously diagnosed. I am healthier now then I have ever been and her work has helped me in so many ways! I am so excited that my daughter can reap the benefits of her talents as well. She has helped her so much already. I trust and contact her more then my daughter’s pediatrician!

V.P., Severna Park, MD
April, 2010


I have been under Chiropractic care for many years (my stress goes to my spine), after going to Debbie for energy work for several things I realized I was not getting tension in my neck or back pain any more. She has helped me physically with several areas, as an example getting rid of yeast and a heart infection with a combination of herbs and energy. She has helped me emotionally overcome deep seated self sabotage patterns in my life. I also feel safe in sharing anything with her and she is a great listener. I would recommend anyone to see her for any health or emotional situation.

Judy E., Arnold, MD
September 25, 2006


I suffered urinary tract infections without explanation from several urologists. After seeing Debbie the U.T.I,’s stopped and have not re-occurred. Debbie not only improved my health but my quality of life. Her sessions are enlightening and therapeutic.

T.B., Baltimore, MD
February 5, 2005


Debbie has helped me fight and survive breast cancer. She has helped me with physical and emotional healing. Her kindness and integrity are immeasurable. She is like 5 different healers in one. She asks your body what it needs- chakra work, acupressure, emotional release, energy work, Donna Eden’s energy, meridians… She is amazing! I love her.

Linda P., Severn, MD


I have had very strong pain in my knees due to osteoarthritis. The pain was especially bothersome at night and woke me many times. After seeing Debbie a few times, my pain has diminished greatly and I can now sleep through the night.

Gina G., Severna Park, MD


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