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Gluten: What is it?

By Debbie Ulrich, CEnKP1, C.N.H.P, C.S.N Gluten can be a very difficult issue to understand. When I suggest a gluten-free diet to someone, I am often asked, “Is it ok to eat a little gluten?” My response typically is: “That is like asking me if it is ok to eat a little poison or a […]

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Alternative Tips for Children’s Health

Basic Nutrition Q: Why would a parent want to consider giving an infant or child vitamins, minerals, or supplements? Sometimes children have digestive issues which can range from gas to not properly digesting food. The latter means they are not getting the proper nutrition from the food which results in poor absorption and will eventually […]

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Acidic vs. Alkaline Proper PH Balance

Written by Debbie Ulrich, C.N.H.P, C.S.N., CEnKP1, C.F.T. Your pH level is important and is a barometer of your body’s internal environment. Urine Ph is 6.4 – 7.0 and should be tested after the first A.M. urine between 9 A.M. & 4 P.M. and taken either before you eat or two hours after eating. Blood […]

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