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Podcast Interview: Debbie Talks About Kinesiology

Steve Harper Interviews Debbie Ulrich Certified Energy Kinesiologist, Certified Natural Health Professional and Owner of Debbie’s ‘NRG’ Balancing Debbie talks about Kinesiology, what it is, and how energy healing is used to make you feel better. The conversation includes what ‘imbalance’ means and information about balancing meridians, chakras and resetting the aura. You can listen […]

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Meditation Information

meditation for deep relaxation

Mediation is NOT a religion but is a lifestyle choice. In fact, I believe, “Prayer is talking to GOD. Meditation is listening to GOD.” Stress is relative to you. People are not stressed by the same things. “It’s safe to let go. Relaxation requires letting go, while tension comes from holding on. Letting go can […]

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Mud Packing Interference Fields

An interference field (IF) is an injury to the body and its bio-electric pathway. These physiological fields can be large or small. Their size does not determine the significance they have for influencing health. When the body has suffered a previous trauma, such as an old scar or whiplash from a car accident, it can […]

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