Mud Packing Interference Fields

An interference field (IF) is an injury to the body and its bio-electric pathway. These physiological fields can be large or small. Their size does not determine the significance they have for influencing health.

When the body has suffered a previous trauma, such as an old scar or whiplash from a car accident, it can create what is called an “interference field” which interrupts the body’s normal nerve and natural energy flow to that area, acting like a powerful short-circuit in the body’s bio-energy field.

This “interference field” can then reflect to other organs or glands, disturbing their function and preventing nutrients from being absorbed in that area. Research on Interference Fields says that scars act like a stagnant, toxic pool, preventing the normal flow of the body’s governing electromagnetic circuits.

Biopsies found that the immediate area adjacent to a scar had often become highly toxic, with a greater than normal deposition of accumulated infectious material and metabolic toxins.

The meridian channels and connective tissue are routinely saturated with toxic “bio-garbage” which commonly prevents the full return to health. This embedded toxicity is often little affected by oral supplements. This is because these areas are “blocked” by a toxic buildup so that nutrients are unable to get into the most needed areas. This scenario prevents them from returning to great health.

Why does the body develop weak areas and interference fields?

Weak areas form when the body has insufficient minerals and nutrients at the time of trauma or injury. They can also be caused by chemicals or metabolic toxins that have accumulated in those areas.

These affected weak tissues can block or hinder the regular nerve lymph flow and cause dysfunction.

The weak area can then cause an interference field, which reflects to nearby organs or glands.

Do YOU have hidden Interference Fields?

Not every scar will cause an IF, but when the body doesn’t have sufficient quality and quantity of nutrients at the time of injury, proper healing cannot take place. Once the body has become thus weakened, the injury site starts to become a sort of energy sink (sponge) where chemical and metabolic toxins are stored.

Interference fields are extremely common and are routinely missed on standard practitioner evaluations. Often, the root cause of many problems is due to hidden IFs. Hidden vaccination sites are potential IFs. You may ask then: How would I know if an interference field is the driver behind a chronic health problem?

There are some potential clues. For example, something ‘just doesn’t make sense’ or something will not heal. Something keeps recurring. Problem(s) are often irresolvable even after many types of treatment.

Using mud packing to remove an Interference Field

By using a Mud Pack you can clear that area or site. Mud Packs can rapidly cleanse and detoxify the accumulated bio-toxicity around the scar and reestablish the body’s normal bio-electromagnetic flow.

Mud Packs help to increase micro-circulation and lymph flow; they boost immune system function, ease muscle tension, and rejuvenate cells so your body can repair and heal with less obstruction, allowing the body to return to ideal resonance.

Mud Packs can be applied externally to organs and glands for rapid detoxification to clear the whole body’s burden of toxic bioaccumulation. This can be a deep-seated cleansing for the entire body. Mud Packs can also help in improving mobility, frozen shoulder, hip problems, foot and hand pain, foot neuralgia, joint pain, pain in general and overall repair of damaged tissue or weakened tissue.

What is the mud used and how is it used?

Few substances work as well as clays, muds and magma rich in fulvic and humic acids for restoring coherence to the biofield and tissues. This mud is a Medi Body Pack Mud by Premier Research Labs that is combined with a specific liquid to make a therapeutic Mud Pack placed on trauma or injury sites for 10 to 30 minutes, depending upon the clearance of the site. It is recommended to ingest specialized mineral supplementation before and after each mudpack to ensure effective detoxification. This supplementation is provided at the time of the Mud Pack session.

In order to achieve the highest level of tissue cleansing and detoxification, clinical experience has shown it is best to ensure first that the ‘download’ pathways for detoxification, which are the hands and feet, are clear and open. It is important to make sure that the hands and feet are not already blocked with a toxic overload. Once the hands and feet have been cleared you are able to move to the other interference fields on the body.

This ensures your body can handle the clearing of other interference fields on the body. If the hands and feet are not blocked, then you are able to Mud Pack the areas more central to the body or old trauma sites and scars.

In order to ensure your body can handle this form of detoxification it is recommended that no more than 3 Mud Packs are done in one session. However, if you are not experiencing any detox reactions, testing can be done to determine if you can take another pack or two. As time goes on, you become stronger and are able to do more Mud Packs, without risk of putting too much stress on your body, as a result of detoxing from clearing these sites.

Conditions helped with mud packing

Here are some common examples of possible sources of Interference fields.

Traumas from: falls, cuts or intense blows, car accidents, whiplashes, sprains/strains, impact sites (i.e. hit with a baseball); burned areas, skin grafts, chemical exposures (such as toxic nail polish remover, perfume or aftershave); scalp and skin disorders; insect bites, animal bites; chickenpox scars, tattoos.

Metals inside the body: surgical metal pins, plates, mesh, bullet shrapnel fragments and other foreign bodies embedded under the skin.

Injection Sites: dental injections, neural therapy, IV drips, drug injections, vitamin injections, vaccinations, punctures, body piercing, spinal block.

Dental: dental metals, silver fillings, gold crowns, stainless steel posts, composite fillings (they are typically high in aluminum), most dental implants, which typically are titanium posts.

Examples of possible sources of Interference fields:

Scars: any type of surgical scar, internal scars that may not be visible, sinus surgery site, invasive procedures (gallbladder removal, heart surgery, cancer); mole or skin cancer removal scars; circumcision, episiotomy, C-section; breast implants, tummy tucks, cosmetic surgery sites; exploratory surgery; dental; hernia repair; shunts.

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