February 25th in Annapolis: Muscle Testing Level 2 – Easy Application and Use!

This interactive workshop builds on the basic knowledge learned in level one “Muscle Testing 101 – Easy to Learn and Use!” It is designed to further enhance your muscle testing skills by increasing the level of communication between you and your client, patient, friend, etc…. These skills will enable you to obtain and subsequently integrate specific information that can be utilized to hopefully improve your client’s health. Additionally you will learn about “test points” which often can provide valuable feedback that can then be used to benefit future results. Finally, you will be instructed on how to assist your client in identifying and releasing “Sabotaging Beliefs” which, if not cleared, would hinder the progress of their healing journey..

This workshop is taught in 1 day for a total of 7 hours of instruction.

Time: 7 hours
Cost: $200; ‘Early Bird Special’ of $150 if paid by registration deadline
The cost of this class includes a detailed manual for each registrant.
There is an additional fee for a tool necessary to clear “Sabotaging Beliefs.” This tool retails for $90. However, I will sell it to you at a reduced price of $50 at the class. This purchase is optional.
Minimum class size: 4 participants. Maximum limit of 20.
Prerequisites: Completion of “Muscle Testing 101 – Easy To Learn and Use!”

Download February 25, 2018 Muscle Testing Level 2 Class Registration Form

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